Upcoming single to release on September 7, solve a riddle to receive a personal download link right now

"You have the clue
To see through
Crack the code
Receive a download"

Current hints:

Aug 21, 2018 via Twitter:

"My next release is 1zInd3gxH9lL73+S205xVm7GpZaMoa5hYW6twTlDc4ih9Ie5orjqwS98luy7otSz and it is out >>September 7<<, also, it’s >>128<< bpm… ;)"

Aug 23, 2018 via Twitter:

"Obvious Hint: The answer is in the string that I posted two days ago, it just needs to be decrypted somehow..."

Aug 24, 2018 via Twitter:

"Even More Obvious Hint: It’s AES 128 encryption."


Send the correct answer to moodyscientist@mordfustang.com or via message on any social media platform.

Happy solving!

Rauno Roosnurm