For Rauno Roosnurm’s latest record as Mord Fustang, the artist has decided to bring back his original style of “complextro” (complex electro). His sound has always been rich in melody, but this one truly capitalizes on electronic-indie-nu-dance-disco vibes, with some “raw sh*t” in between.

The album is a sort-of-a concept album in the way that it’s built up, but refrains from actually being one. Its layout resembles a JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Game) from the 16-bit era of video games in the sense that it has soothing, wondrous melodies, like you’d have in your home village where exists a pub with the world’s best-tasting brews and friendly merchants who are eager to help you out in any way they can. Sixteen Voices is a great demonstration of this. Once you step outside the village, you will run into random characters and progressively more difficult-to-handle encounters. These battles last until you reach a boss fight—Assembler and Toxic are two forms of these. After the boss you can return to the village, celebrate the victory, and relax again, until you have to go out there once more.

After 2019’s first album The Symbolism of Everything brought a new quality to the overall production, yet stayed calmer than Mord’s releases prior to it, new album Together sees the Fustang both consolidating his position and evolving the project in exciting new ways, this time bringing a more energetic, joyful presence.

1. Together                        4:56

2. I Drown in You                    6:26

3. Some Girls                    2:56

4. Round-the-Clock                    4:34

5. Assembler                        5:05

6. Remedy                        6:07

7. Sherry Loves to Dance                4:15

8. Toxic                        4:03

9. Beacon                        2:59

10. Sixteen Voices                    6:58

11. Postcard                        2:44

12. The Last of the Sunny Days            2:06

Released August 30

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Rauno Roosnurm